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Why I Don’t Recommend Motivation – Silvana Life Coaching

There are many things that we desire in life. Different job, bigger house, new car, good relationships, more holidays, you name it. Why do we want these things? Well, we rarely stop to ask ourselves this question. But if we would stop and ask, we would then realise that we want them because we believe that if we had them, we would feel better.

Now, from an early age we learn that if we want something we must work for it, right? We’ve all heard too many times ‘things don’t fall into your lap’. So we know that the answer to getting what we want is action. And sometimes we are happy to take that action. But there are also times, when we don’t feel like doing what we believe we must do, if we can hope to get what we want. And that’s when motivation comes in.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to take action. Read motivational books, listen to relatable stories, take a walk, exercise or simply remind yourself of dreadful consequences that you will face, should you fail to take action.

First of all I want to make it clear that I have absolutely nothing against motivation. But I do want to express my firm stance against taking action that doesn’t feel right. You know, when you don’t feel like doing something, but you are using every single tool you can think of to motivate yourself to do it, because you are afraid that you will never get what you want if you fail to take action?!

If you don’t feel it, don’t do it. And here is why.

Let me start by repeating what I already said. Everything we want, we want it for one reason, and one reason only. We believe that in having that we would feel better. Period. We can argue and say that this isn’t true and we can also come up with many reasons why it isn’t true. But that won’t change the fact that we do want to feel good in our lives. And that brings me to the point that I’m trying to make.

It’s good… No, it’s great to have a goal in life. Something that we really, really want. Something that we strive for. Something that we are passionate about. Something that gives meaning to our life. The purpose.

But if we want to be truly happy and satisfied we must become aware that we only exist in one moment in time. And that moment is always, always, always here and now. But very often, when we want something badly, we end up pushing and trying very hard. We keep motivating ourselves to take action that doesn’t feel good, we do things that we don’t enjoy doing, because we believe that once we achieve our goals we will finally be happy.

And we miss our moment.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans – John Lennon

So, I don’t recommend motivation.

What I do recommend is relaxation. Give yourself permission to relax. Spend more time doing what you love doing. If you don’t feel like doing much, do as little as you can. Be present and care about how you feel. Make your feelings your priority. Your feelings are your guide. When you care about how you feel, your feelings will take you exactly where you want to go. Get in tune with who you really are and trust me, life will surprise and delight you in so many ways.

Ideas will come, inspiration will come, opportunities will present themselves. You won’t need to motivate yourself. You will be inspired and taking action will bring joy and satisfaction.

And once you learn to ride that wave and take inspired action, everything that you really want will start falling into your lap.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Motivation

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