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Mental Hygiene – Decluttering – Silvana Life Coaching

I cleaned my house today like the most important guests were coming to visit. One could wonder why in the hell should someone even bother to clean so thoroughly in times of social distancing. Isn’t this a great opportunity for all of us to put our feet up, relax and finally stop worrying about the cleanliness and tideness of our living space, as for once we can definitely rest assured that no one is coming to visit.

Ok, I’ve gotta be honest here. That idea did cross my mind. Especially with the fact that I have been called a crazy cleaner, so maybe this was my opportunity to heal. What do I do, I kept asking myself.  Do I clean or do I put my feet up and relax? Indecision was killing me. I had to find the way to decide.

Then, a great idea presented itself. I imagined an old fashioned scales and started playing a game in my mind. First I put cleaning on one side of the scales and watching Netflix on the other. Yeah, you guessed it right, Netflix was winning. Then I thought, ok, everyone likes Netflix. How about listen to music and dance vs cleaning. Well, again the idea of cleaning was losing. I love music and dancing. Then I thought, maybe I could be rebellious and go out for a long walk even though it’s against the rules? Hmm, I didn’t really feel like going out, but even that idea was more appealing than cleaning. So I got ready to go out, put my shoes on, but just as I was taking my keys I could hear my inner voice saying.

                                        “The space you live in is a reflection of the state of your mind”

And all of the sudden, just like that, the picture in my mind was clear. My imaginary scales finally gave me the answer I was looking for. On the one side of my scales, heavily weighing down was the state of my mind while everything else on the other side was flying in the air.

I stayed at home and I cleaned. I cleaned everything including my fridge, stove and oven. I dusted, hoovered and then I cleaned my hoover. I cleaned the toilet and the bath tub that we never use and then I took all the rubbish out.

Once I was done, I looked around, took a deep breath and I felt satisfaction. I felt good about myself. I felt worthy and deserving. I don’t clean my house because someone is coming and I’m afraid of being judged. I clean because I deserve clean space to live in.

How do you feel about yourself? Can you find the answer to that question in your surroundings?

Listen, we’ve all been there. Feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Can’t be bothered to do anything, telling ourselves that we don’t really care and it doesn’t matter.

The truth is, it does matter and decluttering the space we live in is one of the important pieces of the success puzzle. Whatever success means to you.

As human beings we live through our senses. We see, hear, smell, taste and touch and we are constantly influenced by our environment. Living in a messy and cluttered home is not just a reflection of a mind that is not positively oriented and focused on things that will bring clarity and success. It also means that our mind is influenced by our messy environment and we continue living in a perpetual state of feeling stuck in a situation we are not happy with.

Let me put it this way. Your mind is your most important asset. It’s powerful and capable of giving you everything, yes absolutely everything that you desire. But that is only possible if you learn to be the master of your mind and not allow your cluttered mind to be the master of you.

And here is how you do that.

Make the state of your mind your number one priority. Protect your mind from the outside influences. Make working on your mind your most important work.

There are many tools and exercises that we can use to clear and develop our mind. Cleaning and decluttering our living space is an easy one. What’s even better, it really works. Try it.

Go ahead and clean your house. Clean like your most important guests are coming to visit. Do it for yourself. You deserve the best.


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Mental Hygiene – Decluttering

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