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Nights follow days and a new day follows every night. Every morning brings new chances, new challenges. It’s all there, in one day. The question is, how much we can see. What we see depends on what we think.

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Every now and again we find ourselves on a crossroad. Sometimes it might even feel as our whole life is one big crossing as we keep moving from one bad experience to another and everything that we want keeps slipping away. Only questions keep flooding.

Why is this happening to me?

What am I doing wrong? 

Is this my life?

Which way should I go?

Will I ever be able to achieve better results?

If this sounds like you I want to tell you that I understand. Not so long ago, that person was me. Always trying to do the right thing. Always worrying what people would think or say about me. Always getting out of my way to make sure that people I love are not disappointed in me. Always putting everyone else’s needs and desires before mine. And always living my life on a big crossroad wondering if the day would ever come when someone will treat me as a priority.

Guess what? Nobody is coming to save you.

If you readily step down from your throne and hand over your crown, you will be made a servant. An unpaid servant and a magnet for emotionally abusive people.

The good news is YOU CAN take your crown back. YOU CAN reclaim your freedom. YOU CAN take your life into your hands. YOU CAN learn to say NO without feeling guilty and without feeling any need to explain yourself.

Your life belongs to you and once you learn how to take charge of your life the invisible doors that lead to your happiness, prosperity and success start opening.

You CAN have the life you dream about.

And I can help you find the key that will unlock that confident, assertive and decisive person that is sleeping in you.

Make Decision

Take Action

Wake Up And Live Your Dream 


Together we can fly high and reach new heights never touched before.

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Your Self Image - First Step To Success

When You Are Yourself

About me

I was brought up to believe that I am just an ordinary girl. I grew up in an ordinary house, with parents who had ordinary jobs and a brother who was just an ordinary boy. As an ordinary family we had good times, and times when we struggled, but I was a happy kid. I don’t carry any scars from my childhood.

Except, I was brought up to be ordinary.

How’s that a problem, one might wonder.

Well, when I expressed my desire to be an actress, my parents said ‘Don’t be a fool’. When I said I wanted to be a singer, my parents asked ‘And how’re you gonna do that’? Whenever I yearned for something that was my heart’s desire, I was reminded that I was just an ordinary girl.

And what do ordinary girls do? {According to my parents that is}

They finish school, they find a decent job, they get married, they have kids and of course, they know their place.

Well, I guess, although I tried, it turned out that I wasn’t so ordinary, after all.

There are many kinds of abuse, all of them being difficult to deal with. I believe that emotional abuse is by far the worst. It sneaks upon you, it pretends to be love and when we grow up believing that we probably don’t even deserve better… we willingly clip our wings and walk into the darkness of abusive relationships, where nothing is ours, nothing is for us and our only purpose is to be an invisible servant for someone’s many needs.

With my one year old baby in my arms, when I was only 22, I ran away from my first husband. Not because I recognised emotional abuse, not because I realised that I deserved better, but because I was so sad and so broken that I felt that if I stayed another day, I would die.

It will take further 20 years and another failed marriage for me to wake up and start learning my lessons. That is over forty years of emotional abuse, over forty years of feeling wrong, over forty years of feeling guilty, over forty years of feeling not good enough……

But once you can see things clearly, you cannot unsee them. I finally recognised emotional abuse, but I didn’t stop there.

I started investing in myself. I became obsessed with personal development. I certified as a Life Coach and NLP Mater Practitioner and I devoted my life to teaching you to say YES to yourself and NO to everyone who dares telling you that you are just an ordinary person and should stop believing in your dreams.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

There’s nothing wrong with being ordinary, except that we are not

I wasn't expected to see what abusive people didn't want me to see. That was extra.

I wasn't expected to say NO to emotional abuse. That was extra.

I wasn’t expected to take my life into my hands. That was extra.

I wasn’t expected to break free and live my life my way. That was extra.

I wasn't expected to say YES to myself. That was SUPER extra.

And now it's your turn to find your extras and finally realise how extraordinary you are.

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You are intelligent and well educated. You know your values, you make your decisions and you surely know what you want and don’t want in your life. Do you have confidence to go for it?

Career Coaching

Are you stuck in a job that you don’t like? Maybe you can’t see the way out as there’s never enough time and money. Learn how to manage your time and finances. Step into your dream career.


Stop biting your tongue. Express yourself freely. Speak your mind, stand up for your rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting ‘wrong’.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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